The Cytometry and Cell Imaging Laboratory on Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Florida, provides researchers with access to state-of-the-art equipment in three main pipelines:

  • Cell and tissue imaging resources, including microscopes and slide scanners.
  • Flow cytometry, including analytical flow cytometry and cell sorting.
  • Mass cytometry (CyTOF).

The Cytometry and Cell Imaging Laboratory supports discovery science by providing instrument training, help with experimental design and technical support, with a specialization in antibody-based techniques. The lab's expertise is available to researchers who need cell sorting, imaging or high-parameter analysis of cells and tissues. Each year the lab supports over 140 individual users across more than 65 different laboratories.

The Cytometry and Cell Imaging Laboratory provides:

  • Consultation services. Services and support include panel and experiment design, sample preparation tips, and technical troubleshooting as well as advice on how to collect reliable data and get the most out of your experiments.
  • Education. Curated educational resources provide information you need to succeed and to expand your knowledge of the field.
  • Training. The laboratory provides training for independent use on select equipment.
  • Data acquisition and cell sorting. The lab provides services using equipment for which independent-use training is not available.
  • Equipment maintenance and quality control. The Cytometry and Cell Imaging Laboratory provides high-quality, precise, reliable data.