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The research of Han W. Tun, M.D., is focused on brain lymphoma, with an aim of developing novel therapeutic agents and improving the understanding of disease mechanisms.

Dr. Tun uses genomic research tools to identify genetic abnormalities associated with brain lymphoma. He also collaborates with other researchers on genomic projects related to kidney and thyroid cancers.

Focus areas

  • Genomic research on brain lymphoma
  • Role of osteopontin in brain lymphoma
  • Development of novel therapeutic agents for brain lymphoma
  • Study of interaction between lymphoma cells and brain microenvironment
  • Genomic research on kidney and thyroid cancers in collaboration with other researchers

Significance to patient care

Dr. Tun's research has identified new molecular therapeutic targets in brain lymphoma, kidney cancer and thyroid cancer.

Dr. Tun has a research platform to identify novel drugs with excellent brain penetration and anti-lymphoma activity. These drugs are then tested in various models to be translated into clinical trials for patients. He is also currently developing a clinical trial for brain lymphoma patients.

Professional highlights

  • R21 Research Grant, National Institutes of Health, 2012


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