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As a clinician and data scientist, Dr. Ryu's research focuses on developing, validating and translating novel artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools that can improve patient care, uncover novel research insights from a variety of data and help clinicians work more efficiently. Dr. Ryu's work has resulted in multiple software tools currently implemented in clinical practice. Dr. Ryu is also involved with several telemedicine and virtual care initiatives that seek to improve access to and scalability of medical care.

Focus areas

  • Development, validation and deployment of predictive machine-learning tools. Dr. Ryu has led and contributed to the development, validation and deployment of multiple machine-learning tools that help improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of patient care. In doing so, he oversaw the creation and implementation of Mayo Clinic's first internally developed machine-learning model into the electronic health record system.
  • Artificial intelligence-enhanced clinical trials. Dr. Ryu co-leads a Mayo Clinic initiative to develop drug repurposing and real-world evidence research infrastructure. Through this work, he seeks to identify novel therapeutic candidates using machine learning and assemble the data infrastructure necessary to investigate these treatment hypotheses.
  • Artificial intelligence assisted review of medical records. To improve the efficiency of triage and clinical care for patients with ever-growing volumes of medical records and complexities, Dr. Ryu co-leads a team developing software to make comprehensive review of medical records more efficient and informative.
  • Telemedicine and virtual care. Dr. Ryu's clinical and research work also involves developing and scaling telemedicine and virtual care initiatives that can provide high-acuity care remotely and enable virtual nursing within the hospital.

Significance to patient care

Dr. Ryu's work applies artificial intelligence and machine-learning to derive novel insights from clinical data and translates these insights into providing proactive care, discovering new treatments and improving process efficiency. By combining the skills of a physician and data scientist, Dr. Ryu has guided multiple initiatives from idea to implementation as novel products and services. Dr. Ryu's vision is to continue developing, validating and implementing machine-learning tools that can enhance clinicians' ability to care for patients and remove systemic inefficiencies.

Professional highlights

  • Vice Chair, AI & Informatics, Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine, 2022-present
  • Co-lead, Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Drug Repurposing and Real-World Evidence initiative, 2021-present
  • Recipient, Dalio Fund for AI Innovation in Clinical Practice Award, 2021
  • Clinical lead, multiple software development projects, 2021-present


Primary Appointment

  1. Senior Associate Consultant, Division of Hospital Internal Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine

Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Medicine


  1. MD Harvard Medical School
  2. BA University of Pennsylvania

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