The research interests of Rui Qin, Ph.D., focus on statistical design and analysis of clinical trials in cancer, specifically the development of Bayesian and adaptive designs for early-phase clinical trials and joint models for analysis of complex data from cancer control clinical trials.

Dr. Qin's goal is to implement novel designs and perform rigorous analysis of clinical trials through collaboration with clinical investigators.

Focus areas

  • Dose-finding designs in phase I clinical trials with bivariate toxicity and early efficacy endpoints
  • Bayesian designs in phase II clinical trials with bivariate efficacy endpoints
  • Joint models to analyze complex data of mixture distribution from clinical trials

Significance to patient care

Novel dose-finding designs for early phase I clinical trials may correctly identify biologically optimal doses for further testing. Bayesian designs for phase II clinical trials may incorporate historical information and facilitate flexible monitoring and decision making. Joint models to analyze clinical trial data may provide additional findings and accurate interpretation.

Each research project improves the efficiency of clinical trials to evaluate new therapies for cancer.

Professional highlights

  • Biostatistics Consultant, Urology (Gold Journal)


Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Biostatistics


  1. Ph.D. - Dissertation: “Modeling Bivariate Survival Times by Copulas”, Advisor Michael P. Jones, PhD University of Iowa
  2. MS - Statistics University of Iowa
  3. BS - Management Sciences Shandong University

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