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Mikel Prieto, M.D., has clinical and research interests in kidney and pancreas transplantation in adults and kidney transplantation in children. He is also interested in the evaluation and surgery of living kidney donors. Specifically, Dr. Prieto studies methods to maximize living donation and pre-emptive kidney transplantation.

Focus areas

  • Paired kidney donation. Some transplant candidates have a potential donor or donors that are either incompatible or unsuitable for them. In this context, paired kidney donation offers the option of exchanging kidney donors so that every recipient receives a suitable kidney. The logistics and factors determining these processes are still under development and research.
  • Pre-emptive kidney transplantation. Most patients with kidney disease get transplanted too late — frequently after months or years on dialysis. Mayo Clinic is uniquely able to transplant many patients with a living donor before they reach the need for dialysis. Dr. Prieto's research focuses on how to offer this option to an increasing number of patients.
  • Laparoscopic nephrectomy for polycystic kidney disease. Patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) frequently present an additional challenge to the transplant surgeon. The size and symptoms associated with large ADPKD kidneys may require a simultaneous or sequential bilateral nephrectomy. Dr. Prieto addresses this challenge with a multidisciplinary team focused on providing the best individualized care for each patient.

Significance to patient care

Dr. Prieto's goal is to maximize the number of patients who are able to receive a successful kidney transplant from a living donor. Given the present organ shortage, the option of a living-donor transplant represents the best opportunity for patients with end-stage kidney disease to return to a full productive life and expect good long-term outcomes.


Primary Appointment

  1. Consultant, Division of Transplantation Surgery, Department of Surgery

Academic Rank

  1. Associate Professor of Surgery


  1. Fellow - Transplant Fellow Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota
  2. Resident - Chief Resident Department of Surgery, Lahey Clinic Medical Center
  3. Resident - Senior Surgical Resident Department of Surgery, Lahey Clinic Medical Center
  4. Fellow - Transplant Fellow Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota
  5. Resident - Junior Surgical Resident Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota
  6. Clinical Associate Minneapolis Heart Institute
  7. Fellow - Surgical Registrar/M.A.K.R. Transplant Fellow Royal Liverpool Hospital and Medical School
  8. Research Fellowship - Transplantation Surgery, Department of Surgery University of Minnesota Hospitals and Clinics
  9. MD - Clinical Sciences Medical School of the Basque Country
  10. MD - Basic Medical Sciences School of Medicine, Universidad de Zaragoza
  11. BS Colegio Catolico Marianistas

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