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The research interests of Lindsey M. Philpot, Ph.D., focus on health care delivery and policy issues. Dr. Philpot's research efforts aim to develop and apply analytic resources to better understand models of care delivery and implications of federal- and state-mandated policy changes, and to improve care quality.

Dr. Philpot has worked in several condition-specific areas, including pediatric and medical oncology, cardiovascular diseases and surgery, diabetes, and general population health.

Focus areas

  • Understanding the implications of federal- and state-mandated policy changes on health care systems, including alternative payment models
  • Evaluating alternative care models, including community-based partnerships for healthy living and methods to further the integrative care delivery model
  • Developing survey- and data-based quality metrics for the improvement of quality-of-care delivery
  • Determining the impact of patient psychological characteristics on outcomes after cardiovascular surgery
  • Identifying pathways to increase the use of patient-reported outcome measures in routine, outpatient clinical care
  • Understanding the impact of provider characteristics and time effects on prescription-prescribing patterns

Significance to patient care

Dr. Philpot's work helps researchers and clinicians understand variations in care and focus efforts for quality improvement interventions. By working to continually measure and evaluate care delivery models, health care interactions can become increasingly streamlined and effective from the patient perspective.


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Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Health Services Research


  1. Ph.D. - Health Services Research and Policy University of North Texas Health Science Center
  2. MPH - Epidemiology University of North Texas Health Science Center
  3. BS - Biological Sciences University of North Texas

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