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The research of Mukesh K. Pandey, Ph.D., focuses on design, synthesis and development of molecular imaging probes to understand diseases and biological pathways at a cellular level. This noninvasive approach helps to understand, detect and monitor pathological conditions. The molecular imaging probe development requires multistep organic synthesis, radio synthesis and evaluations in various animal models. Successful agents will be translated to the clinical application through clinical research trials.

Learning more about diseases and pathways provides an appropriate choice to regulate and manipulate cellular processes by using existing or new pharmaceuticals of choice.

Focus areas

  • Design and synthesis of various Fludeoxyglucose 18F labeled fluorothia fatty acids as PET probes for estimation of regional fatty acid oxidation in heart, skeletal muscle, fat and cancers
  • Design and synthesis of Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK-3) targeting PET probes and their evaluation in various mouse models in human cancers and brain disorders
  • Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel hypoxia-imaging agents in hypoxic cancers

Significance to patient care

Molecular imaging is increasing its impact on patient care as it provides noninvasive imaging tools to detect, diagnose and monitor the disease progression and therapeutic response in various disease areas. It holds potential to reduce the number of painful, costly therapeutic or invasive diagnostic procedures.


Administrative Appointment

  1. Senior Associate Consultant II-Research, Division of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology
  2. Senior Associate Consultant II-Research, Division of Radiology Research, Department of Radiology

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Radiology


  1. Research Fellowship - Radiology Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  2. Post Doctoral Research Institute of Nano-Science and Engineering Technology, University of Massachusetts
  3. Ph.D. - Synthetic Organic Chemistry University of Delhi
  4. M. Phil - Organic Chemistry University of Delhi
  5. MSc - Organic Chemistry Banaras Hindu University
  6. BSc (Hons) - Chemistry Banaras Hindu University

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