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Michelle A. Lampman, Ph.D., is a health services researcher with expertise in qualitative and mixed-methods research and evaluation. Dr. Lampman is interested in the use of mixed methods to comprehensively examine complex interrelationships between organizational, social and behavioral contexts in order to inform practice transformation and improve patient and provider experiences.

Focus areas

  • Patient-centered care delivery. Dr. Lampman's work focuses on capturing and incorporating patient perceptions into health care delivery. Goals of this research include making care models responsive to each patient's unique needs and preferences and promoting continuous healing relationships between patients and their care teams.
  • Multidisciplinary care teams. Dr. Lampman uses mixed methods to evaluate multidisciplinary care team models, such as the patient-centered medical home for primary care delivery, to assess the model's performance and ability to meet desired outcomes. This research focuses on optimizing teamwork, reducing clinician burnout and ensuring that care is coordinated across the continuum of services.
  • Rural health. Dr. Lampman engages in research aimed at addressing health disparities in rural populations. Her research in this area focuses on identifying novel strategies of care delivery, such as the use of virtual care and community paramedics, to help rural communities overcome barriers to care and enhance equitable access to comprehensive high-quality health care.

Significance to patient care

Dr. Lampman's research contributes to ensuring that health care services are responsive to patient needs and preferences by accounting for social and organizational context that impacts the way care is delivered and experienced. Dr. Lampman works collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams of researchers, clinicians and community partners to develop comprehensive and actionable strategies for practice transformation that promote delivery of high-quality care across diverse populations and care settings.


Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Health Services Research


  1. Ph.D. - Health Services & Policy University of Iowa
  2. MA - Sociology University of Nebraska at Omaha
  3. BA - Sociology University of Nebraska at Omaha

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