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Marleen Kunneman, Ph.D., conducts her research at the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit at Mayo Clinic. She is interested in patient-clinician conversations during clinical encounters and patient involvement in making decisions about health and care (shared decision-making).

Focus areas

  • The concept of shared decision-making — patients and clinicians working together to decide how to address the patient's situation
  • Assessing the occurrence of shared decision-making — specifically the role of argumentation and reflection — and assessing mechanical versus human approaches of shared decision-making
  • Choice awareness as a first step and prerequisite of shared decision-making

Significance to patient care

Dr. Kunneman aims to identify how patient-clinician conversations can be improved and translate these findings to daily care. These conversations should reflect a human connection between the patient and clinician, instead of a mechanical and formal procedure. Dr. Kunneman's goal is to ensure that all patients receive care that best fits them and their lives — care that makes sense in their particular situation.



  1. Post Doctoral Researcher Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
  2. PhD - Medicine Leiden University Medical Center
  3. MA - Clinical Linguistics Radboud University
  4. BA - Linguistics Leiden University Medical Center
  5. Research Associate Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit

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