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One research interest area of David A. Krause, P.T., D.Sc., OCS, is clinical orthopedic measurements. The measurements studied are those used in the evaluation of patients to make clinical decisions regarding orthopedic presentations.

Dr. Krause also researches hockey safety and performance. Some examples of his research include neck laceration protectors that are used by some players, and how off-ice measures relate to on-ice performance.

Lastly, Dr. Krause has studied the learning and teaching of anatomy in physical therapy and interprofessional education as it relates to anatomy education.

Focus areas

  • Orthopedic tests. Dr. Krause has reported on techniques of performance tests, including hip muscle strength tests, abdominal muscle strength tests and functional testing such as performance of a squat maneuver. He has also reported on techniques to measure lower extremity mobility.
  • Hockey safety and performance. Dr. Krause has studied neck laceration protectors used by many youth hockey players and has participated with studies looking at head impacts and concussion. He has also reported on the relationship of off-ice to on-ice performance measures.
  • Anatomy education. Dr. Krause describes educational strategies to teach learning of orthopedic tests in the anatomy laboratory and experiences with interprofessional education between physical therapy and medical students.

Significance to patient care

Dr. Krause's hope is that through his research, reliable clinical measurements are used to make accurate clinical decisions. With the hockey research, he simply hopes the game can become a safer sport for youth to participate in.


Academic Rank

  1. Associate Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


  1. D.Sc Department of Physical Therapy, School of Medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore
  2. MBA Winona State University
  3. Certificate - Program in Physical Therapy Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
  4. BA - Biology and Business Administration Concordia College

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