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Bhanuprakash (Bhanu) Kolla, M.D., is an addiction psychiatrist and sleep physician who studies the interaction between sleep disturbances and addictive disorders. His main research focus is identifying particular types of sleep disruptions that occur in early alcohol cessation and can increase the risk of relapse. He also researches the treatment of these sleep disturbances to improve alcohol addiction-related outcomes and to reduce relapse risk.

In addition, Dr. Kolla is researching how chronic opioid use can impact breathing during sleep. His research focuses on identifying particular patient characteristics that increase the risk of breathing abnormalities that occur during sleep in patients who take opioids. He is also interested in developing strategies and products that will enhance access to cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

Focus areas

  • Sleep disturbances in early alcohol recovery. Dr. Kolla's research aims to characterize particular sleep disturbances that are common in early alcohol recovery. His research helps delineate which types of sleep disruption might increase the risk of relapse and identify their genetic and clinical correlates.
  • Treatment of sleep disruption in alcohol recovery. Dr. Kolla is working on identifying potential treatment options for sleep disturbances that occur during alcohol recovery. The goal is to develop treatment strategies that are safe and improve alcohol addiction-related outcomes.
  • Identifying risk factors for sleep apnea in patients who use opioids. Dr. Kolla's research focuses on identifying particular genetic and clinical characteristics that increase the risk of developing sleep apnea and other breathing abnormalities in patients who use opioids.
  • Improving access to behavioral treatments for insomnia. Dr. Kolla is working on enhancing access to cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia using novel treatment delivery strategies.

Significance to patient care

Sleep disturbances are extremely common in patients with addictive disorders. These sleep problems can prevent treatment participation, affect mood and quality of life, and potentially increase the risk of relapse. Dr. Kolla's research is aimed at identifying particular sleep disturbances that impact addiction-related outcomes, developing treatments to improve sleep in patients with addictive disorders and using these treatments to reduce the risk of relapse.

Professional highlights

  • Expert clinical reviewer, Annual meeting of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, 2017, 2018
  • Recipient, John W. Shepard Jr. Excellence in Teaching Award, Mayo Clinic, 2017
  • Recipient, New Investigator Award, American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2017


Primary Appointment

  1. Consultant, Division of Addiction Medicine, Department of Psychiatry & Psychology
  2. Vice Chair for Education, Department of Psychiatry & Psychology

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Psychiatry


  1. Fellow - Addiction Psychiatry Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education
  2. Fellow - Sleep Medicine Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medical Education
  3. Residency - Psychiatry Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medical Education
  4. Residency - Psychiatry Oxford Deanery
  5. Certificate British Association of Psychopharmacology
  6. Internship Osmania General Hospital
  7. MD Osmania Medical College

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