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The clinical and research interests of Carolyn L. Kinney, M.D., are in the area of medical and neurological rehabilitation. This includes exercise strategies in settings of complex medical illnesses, such as cancer or after solid organ or bone marrow transplantation. Dr. Kinney is also researching topics in neurorehabilitation, including the use of technology such as robotics and neuro orthoses to enhance recovery after stroke. She has a particular focus on functional recovery after stroke, encompassing use of robotics, transcranial magnetic stimulation and neuro orthoses.

Focus areas

  • Stroke rehabilitation. Dr. Kinney is studying the use of central nervous system magnetic stimulation to enhance functional recovery after stroke. This effort encompasses projects to facilitate motor improvement, including use of neuro orthoses and exercise techniques to enhance motor learning.
  • Rehabilitation outcomes assessment. Dr. Kinney is working to standardize the rehabilitation therapy approach to evaluation and outcome assessment of patients with neurological impairments. The goal is to study interventions in neurological rehabilitation through the use of valid and clinically useful functional assessment tools.

Significance to patient care

Through her research, Dr. Kinney hopes to improve the functional status of patients who have suffered strokes or who have residual functional impairments related to complex medical illnesses, including cancer. She aims to understand modifiable factors influencing neurological recovery and to promote universal valid outcome assessments to facilitate collaborative research in medical and neurorehabilitation.

Professional highlights

  • Site principal investigator, Niche Trial: Navigated Inhibitory rTMS to Contralesional Hemisphere Trial, 2014-present


Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


  1. Chief Resident Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  2. Resident Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  3. BA/MD - Biomedical science; 6 year integrated BA/MD program Boston University

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