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The research of Kenton R. Kaufman, Ph.D., and his team is focused on human locomotion. Dr. Kaufman's Motion Analysis Laboratory is working to better understand musculoskeletal conditions in order to develop interventions to optimize function and reduce pain for people with scoliosis, amputations, traumatic injuries, prosthetics and joint replacements.

Focus areas

Current research is aimed at:

  • Improving the rehabilitation of Wounded Warriors
  • Developing advanced prosthetics and orthotics
  • Improving wheelchair mobility
  • Designing and developing a pressure microsensor that will measure muscle force in vivo
  • Developing methods for field-based monitoring of human movement

Significance to patient care

In addition to the patient care focus of Dr. Kaufman's research, time is also devoted to direct patient care. The aims of the clinical program are to understand the influence of altered neuromuscular function on movement, provide recommendations for clinical treatment and perform outcome evaluations.

Health professionals treating patients with neuromusculoskeletal disorders evaluate and treat the patient based on information gained from visual observation, physical examination, manual muscle testing, and testing that is often done in a stationary position (e.g., X-ray, CT, MRI). However, these tests do not tell how a person is functioning.

In contrast, Dr. Kaufman and his team objectively measure dynamic functional impairments. This quantitative information can then be used as a basis for recommendation of a therapeutic intervention.

Professional highlights

  • W. Hall Wendel, Jr., Musculoskeletal Research Professor, Mayo Clinic, 2007-present


Primary Appointment

  1. Consultant, Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Joint Appointment

  1. Consultant, Department of Physiology & Biomedical Engineering

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  2. Professor of Orthopedics


  1. Post Doctoral Fellowship Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  2. PhD - Biomechanical Engineering, Statistics minor North Dakota State University
  3. Visiting Scientist Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  4. MS - Agricultural Engineering South Dakota State University
  5. BS - Agricultural Engineering, Mathematics minor South Dakota State University

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