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William (Garrett) G. Jenkinson, Ph.D., has broad research interests in the application of rigorous mathematical and computational modeling to multiomics and clinomics datasets. His work applying information theory to the methylome is being applied to the study of embryonic development, aging, carcinogenesis, rare diseases, imprinting disorders and long-duration human spaceflight. Dr. Jenkinson's research portfolio focuses on applying cutting-edge methods to rare inherited disorders and bringing data science to bear on challenging medical problems such as early risk stratification of SARS-CoV-2 patients from laboratory values.

Focus areas

  • Dr. Jenkinson's research in the Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory at Mayo Clinic focuses on innovation in translational bioinformatics and clinomics, such as providing proof-of-concept results on the clinical viability of long read sequencing, genome-wide methylation or unique molecular index sequencing measurements.
  • Dr. Jenkinson's research in Mayo's Center for Individualized Medicine focuses on using data science in conjunction with multiomic data sources to aid in the diagnoses of patients on a "diagnostic odyssey" (individuals who have rare diseases that go undiagnosed by traditional paradigms of clinical care).

Significance to patient care

Dr. Jenkinson's work in the Center for Individualized Medicine will help clinicians identify and diagnose rare inherited disorders by utilizing tools such as transcriptomics that can dramatically improve diagnostic rates beyond traditional methods only focusing on DNA sequencing. His research in the Advanced Diagnostics Laboratory will ensure that patients at Mayo Clinic have access to the bleeding edge of laboratory testing methodologies. These innovation efforts will provide clinicians with the best possible tools to provide individualized care to Mayo Clinic patients.


Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics


  1. Postdoctoral Fellowship - Epigenetics Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  2. Graduate Certificate - Nanobiotechnology The Johns Hopkins University
  3. Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering The Johns Hopkins University
  4. MSE - Applied Mathematics and Statistics The Johns Hopkins University
  5. MS - Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University
  6. BS - Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University

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