During my doctoral studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I completed the first total synthesis of asperdiol, a marine macrocyclic cembranoid that exhibits anti-neoplastic activity.

Since then, my research interests have been two-fold:

  1. Routinely assist Mayo principal investigators with their synthetic needs of novel and known biologically active substances and pharmacological tools, as well as heavy isotope-labeled internal standards for the HPLC work in their clinical research.
  2. Design and execute synthetic strategies of medicinally active compounds.

My professional accomplishments and published record include my own research, as well as collaborative research on multifarious projects related to many diverse research areas.

These projects have required novel synthetic strategies that must be executed to achieve synthesis of novel chemical entities.

As the director for Mayo Clinic's Chemical Synthesis Core, I have been a part of Mayo projects that have required synthesis of known or unknown pharmacological tools and drugs for research that until now, have been unavailable through commercial sources.

These areas have included basic neuroscience projects related to Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders, neuropeptide analogues of neurotensin, triple reuptake inhibitors, and development of novel imaging agents to be used in cancer-related domains.


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