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The research interests of Jill K. Johnstone, M.D., involve improving vascular surgical training and patient safety through the use of effective and reproducible simulation training. With the rapid advancement of technology in medicine, and especially in vascular surgery, making sure that surgical trainees are proficient in the knowledge and skills to use these advancements is critical to delivering safe patient care.

Dr. Johnstone also has research interests involving epidemiologic evaluation of vascular disease to better explore providers' abilities to appropriately diagnose and treat vascular disease.

Focus areas

  • Simulation in vascular surgery training. Simulators offer the ability for trainees to acquire and practice surgical skills and for educators to objectively assess the development and progression of these skills.
  • Epidemiological evaluation of vascular disease. During Dr. Johnstone's fellowship at Mayo Clinic, she was involved with studying vascular disease in Olmsted County with the Rochester Epidemiology Project. This aspect of her research continues today — this resource is used to gain information about epidemiologic trends and natural history data pertaining to vascular diseases.

Significance to patient care

Simulation-based training can be a valuable tool for the education of future physicians. It allows them to gain technical and clinical competence in a safe environment and promotes improved patient care.

Studying vascular diseases from an epidemiological standpoint helps to better the understanding of the causes and patterns of these diseases, in hopes of improving therapeutic interventions and surgical outcomes.


Primary Appointment

  1. Consultant, Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Department of Surgery

Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Surgery


  1. Certificate - Translational Science Activities Certificate (12 credits) Mayo School of Continuous Development, Department of Education Administration
  2. Fellow - Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medical Education
  3. Fellow Vascular Surgery, Programs in Rochester, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  4. Administrative Chief Resident - General Surgery Rhode Island Hospital
  5. Residency - General Surgery Rhode Island Hospital
  6. Research Fellowship - Surgical Rhode Island Hospital
  7. Residency - General Surgery Rhode Island Hospital
  8. Internship - General Surgery Internship Rhode Island Hospital
  9. Research Assistant - Exploring the role of polyamine depletion on PLC activity in cdx2 intestinal epithelial cells in gastrointestinal mucosal injury University of Maryland School of Medicine
  10. MD University of Maryland School of Medicine
  11. Research Assistant - Medical Student Research Assistant, Summary Research Clerkship with primary focus of retrospective review of the demographics of women who receive mammography studies for routine preventive health care Union Memorial Hospital
  12. BSc - Physiology and Neurobiology (cum laude) University of Maryland College Park
  13. Research Assistant - Belize Study Abroad Program, Student Research Assistant with primary focus of Tropical biology study on fruit & insect eating bats University of Maryland College Park

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