Rochester, Minnesota




The primary research interests of Darren Q. Calley, P.T., DScPT, OCS, include the study of psychosocial factors, clinical education, and musculoskeletal examination and interventions.

Focus areas

  • Psychosocial factors in low back pain. Dr. Calley has added to the understanding of how identifying psychosocial factors contributes to outcomes of care.
  • Clinical education. Dr. Calley has reported on collaborative models of education and is interested in student and resident outcomes in physical therapy.

Significance to patient care

Dr. Calley's research will help therapists understand the importance of identifying fear in patients with low back pain, which will improve patient outcomes through matched targeted interventions.

His research interests will help improve clinical education provided by physical therapy students and residents.


Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy


  1. DScPT University of Maryland
  2. MPT - Physical Therapy Mayo Clinic School of Health-Related Sciences, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  3. BS - Biology Idaho State University
  4. AS Ricks Junior College

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