Sandra C. Bryant supports the development of reference ranges in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology as well as many research projects by its scientists. She also supports validation studies for the assessment of newly developed and updated tests. In addition, she supports the department's laboratory directors in a wide variety of practice analysis projects to ensure that Mayo Clinic is using the most reliable laboratory methods available. Finally, she teaches classes at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, including the research and statistical methods courses for the Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program.

Focus areas

  • Reference range establishment. Methods of establishing reference ranges are continually being investigated, with the goal of attaining the best possible estimates for reference ranges with the minimum possible sample size. Reference range verification helps determine if a previously established reference range still applies to the current population, again with the minimum possible sample size.
  • Verification methods for new and existing laboratory tests. Validation of laboratory test methods ensures that when new laboratory methods are developed to diagnose diseases, the tests that the methods are subjected to are rigorously evaluated and that the qualifying tests are of the highest quality and meet regulatory requirements, using the fewest possible samples necessary.
  • Practice analysis research projects. These projects cover a wide spectrum of applications. They highlight inappropriate use of expensive laboratory tests and underutilization of truly effective tests.

Significance to patient care

Research on reference ranges and laboratory test validation ensures that the laboratory tests used to diagnose patients are of the utmost quality and efficiency. Practice analysis projects are typically collaborative projects in which laboratory directors and clinicians work together to educate their colleagues on the most effective use of laboratory tests for their areas of interest.


Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Biostatistics


  1. MS - Major: Mathematical Science, Concentration-Statistics; Master's Project: Circle-Tangent Regression Clemson University
  2. BS - Major: Computer Science; Minor--Mathematical Sciences Northeast Louisiana University

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