At Mayo Clinic Proteomics Core, we are committed to providing basic scientists and clinician-investigators with the best proteomics strategy to achieve their scientific goals in basic, translational and clinical research. You can review the services below and submit the project to the Proteomics Core. We are scientists first, so we will work with you to develop an experimental plan for each project and to ensure that the experiment has the best chance for success on a budget.

  • Biomarker discovery — quantitative proteomics
  • Immunopeptidome analysis
  • Interactome analysis of protein-protein and protein-DNA/RNA interactions
  • Peptide synthesis
  • Protein characterization — post-translational modifications (PTMs)
  • Proteomics profiling
  • Signaling pathway analysis — quantitative phosphoproteomics

As the service is project dependent, you can still submit a Proteomics Core Service Request (PDF). We recommend that Mayo investigators use this online Project Request form. If you don't see the service to fit your research, we will work out a customized proteomics strategy to meet your needs.