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  • Impact of Menopause on Cardiac Stiffness Acquired with Magnetic Resonance Elastography Rochester, Minn.

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of menopause transition on myocardial stiffness in healthy female subjects without a history of heart disease who are expected to be close to the average age of menopause transition (~51 years), in the 48-53 year age range. All eligible subjects will undergo two study visits that will include a cardiac MRI/MRE exam, echocardiography imaging and blood test.

    The purpose of this aim is to characterize the relationship between the serum estradiol level and myocardial stiffness changes in young women (<46) on estradiol replacement therapy after bilateral oophorectomy.  Subjects will be recruited from the ongoing “Impact of Individualized Estrogen Therapy on Cardiovascular Disease Risk Parameters in Young Women after Bilateral Oophorectomy: A Randomized Controlled Trial” study.  These subjects will undergo two cardiac MRI/MRE exams one with-in +/- three weeks of their bilateral oophorectomy surgery and with-in +/- three weeks of their 12 month follow-up appointment.