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  • Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Hesitancy in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Catchment Area Rochester, Minn.

    Reducing the HPV-associated cancer burden in rural populations will require research to better understand vaccine hesitancy to guide development of novel interventions. We propose to identify HPV vaccine-hesitant populations in our catchment area and characterize key factors that influence hesitancy in our substantially rural population where HPV vaccine uptake is unacceptably low. To this end, we will pursue the following specific aims:

    Aim 1. Conduct a population-based survey of parents of HPV vaccine eligible age children in the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Midwest catchment area population to identify those with high vaccine hesitancy and assess the association of hesitancy with on-time HPV vaccine uptake (by age 13) overall and by urban/rural status, area-level socioeconomic indicators, and clinical practice site.

    Aim 2. Conduct theoretically-grounded focus groups with parents of HPV-vaccine-eligible-aged children to evaluate psychosocial and communication factors that influence parental attitudes toward HPV vaccination in populations with low rates of uptake and expected high HPV vaccine hesitancy (per Aim 1).

    Aim 3. Conduct interviews with clinicians, nurses, and administrators at clinical practices with low HPV vaccination initiation rates serving patients with vaccine hesitancy to assess clinician knowledge, attitudes, and behavior relevant to HPV vaccine hesitancy (per Aims 1 and 2).