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  • Role of Early Intervention on Patient Outcomes in Patients Admitted with Substance Use Disorders - Phase II Rochester, Minn.

    After the realization of the high utilization of healthcare resources (i.e. high readmission rates) by patients with Substance Use Disorders (SUD), a quality improvement pilot was launched at MCR to increase the referral rate to Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors (LADCs) by hospitalized patients with SUD. This was done by increasing their availability through a telemedicine inpatient consultation facilitated by increased collaboration between inpatient Social Workers/Case Managers, outpatient Mayo Clinic employed LADCs, and the primary Hospital Internal Medicine team. Phase I of this project was completed using retrospective chart review, and showed an increase in the referral rate from baseline data. The next goal is to perform Phase II of the study by performing telephone surveys to obtain more data on patient outcomes not available from chart review, such as relapse rates, readmisson rates (including admission to outside institutions), and chemical dependency treatment initiation and completion rates.

    We seek to investigate the role and potential benefit of early intervention in patients admitted with substance use disorders. We hypothesize that early intervention in the inpatient setting, notably with use of telemedicine, may improve outcomes and treatment adherence. This study will investigate patient perception of the intervention, and explore post-intervention outcomes. Exploration of the potential value of early intervention of hospitalized patients has broad ranging application, as this population of patients are heavy consumers of hospital resources and are frequently re-admitted to the inpatient setting. Publication of this investigation designed to directly inform others and hopefully share any potential benefits from this intervention and have a broader impact on the management of patients with SUD at other institutions or healthcare facilities.