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Clinical Studies


  • Patient-Centered Exploration to Understand their perception of comprehensive regenerative care (NA) Rochester, Minn.

    The study purpose is to understand patients’ with the diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus type 1 or 2 perception of the care they receive in the Diabetes clinic or Diabetes technology clinic at Mayo Clinic and to explore and to identify the healthcare system components patients consider important to be part of the comprehensive regenerative care in the clinical setting.

    However, before we can implement structural changes or design interventions to promote comprehensive regenerative care in clinical practice, we first need to characterize those regenerative practices occurring today, patients expectations, perceptions and experiences about comprehensive regenerative care and determine the factors that promote and hinder their occurrence. Therefore, as exploratory work to inform the development of a comprehensive regenerative care clinic concept, we propose a qualitative study to explore patient perceptions of what it means to experience comprehensive regenerative care in the context of a clinical encounter.

    We hypothesize that the findings from this study will improve the care of patients with diabetes based on the concept of comprehensive regenerative care.  The findings from this study may also lead to better care plans that are congruent with patient goals and context, therefore leading to improvements in outcomes that matter to these patients.

  • The Development of a Shared Decision Making Encounter Tool for Weight Management Decisions Rochester, Minn.

    The aim of this study is to develop, in close collaboration with stakeholders, an evidence-based decision aid to inform discussions regarding the treatment of obesity (Obesity Choice).

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