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  • Biofluid Studies in Parkinson Disease and Related Disorders Rochester, Minn.

    The purpose of this study is to analyze DNA and genome-wide analyses, as well as metabolomics and biomarker studies, from patients in the spectrum clinically diagnosed Parkinson disease, Lewy Body disease and related diseases. This would include persons experiencing the earliest manifestations to those with established Parkinsonism. 


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  • King Devick Test in Mixed Martial Arts: A Study on the Immediate Consequences of Knock-Outs and Chokes on Brain Functions Rochester, Minn.

    This study will investigate sub-concussions, concussions, and pre-syncopal choking episodes in a number of fighters using King Devick Test (KDT). We will also explore the immediate and long term consequence on the KDT results after a concussion or a pre-syncope have occurred.

    The goal of our study is to validate KDT in Mixed martial arts (MMA), to propose the adoption of the KDT in the State of Minnesota to detect immediate cognitive decline during the amateur and pro-fighting event.