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  • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment in Benign Breast Disease Jacksonville, Fla.

    The purpose of this study is to to bring molecular risk prediction for breast cancer into the clinical arena through: the establishment of a large tissue repository from a retrospective cohort of women with benign breast disease with complete and long-term clinical follow-up to identify those who developed breast cancer (cases) and those who did not (controls); the application of potential biomarkers of risk to this archival tissue set; and, the discovery of new, potentially relevant biomarkers of risk in fresh and frozen specimens of benign breast disease. 

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  • Benign Breast Tissue Studies Jacksonville, Fla., Rochester, Minn.

    This study is being done to study what regulates breast tissue growth, to better understand if there is a possible relationship between benign changes and breast cancer. Laboratory studies will search for changes in genetic material (DNA

  • Breast Education through Simulation Training (BEST): Post-Mastectomy Wound and Drain Care Patient Education (BEST) Rochester, Minn.

    Plan to conduct a pilot randomized controlled trial to determine the feasibility, benefits and educational impact of using simulation for patient education (SimEd) for post-mastectomy wound and drain care, compared to current patient education practice (StdEd). This study also seeks to derive and validate a skills assessment tool specifically developed to evaluate skills acquired during the education process and compare the results of SimEd vs StdEd; we also plan to relate the scores of our assessment tool to a validated instrument that measures readiness for patient dismissal and compare their results in both study arms.