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  • Mayo Clinic Biobank - Return of Results of Pharmacogenomic Testing for Genes Involved in Metabolism of 5FU and Capecitibine Rochester, Minn.

    A group of Mayo Clinic Biobank participants were genotyped for genetic variants as part of a separate study and a subset were found to be carriers of one or more important variants that increased risk of severe (grade 3, 4 or 5) toxicity.   

    These variants were reviewed by experts at Mayo Clinic and judged to:  1) have important health implications (toxicity) for participants if they were ever exposed to pharmaceutical agents containing 5-fluoruracil, and 2) to be clinically actionable (change options for treatment).

    The purpose of this study is to return results to participants enrolled in the Mayo Clinic Biobank (IRB 08-007049) who are known to carry genetic variants likely to cause toxicity if exposed to 5FU or capecitibine. 

  • Voyage Rochester, Minn.

    The purpose of this study is to develop a health services registry and repository to prospectively examine patient use of health services and related health outcomes over time among a cohort of adults who have had an order placed for Cologuard.