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  • Systemic Markers of Inflammation and Neural Injury in Healthy Controls Rochester, Minn.

    The role of the immune system in epilepsy is currently unknown. We also do not know if neurons (nervous system cells) are injured in patients with epilepsy during seizures. The purpose of this study is to measure markers of immune activation and neuronal injury in your blood so that we can compare the levels of these factors in healthy individuals to the levels measured in patients with epilepsy. A specific component of this study is the collection of blood from healthy subjects at 5 different times during the same day (6 AM, 9 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM, 6 PM). This is different than the way most healthy control samples are collected. Repeated collection of blood from healthy subjects is important because this is how we collect and analyze samples in patients with epilepsy. We need to know if the changes we have observed in epilepsy patients are caused by seizures or whether such changes can occur simply as the result of repeated measurements or time of day.