Mayo Clinic's Transplant Immunology Program has developed a consortium — a multicenter transplant alliance — to facilitate innovative clinical and translational research in solid-organ transplant recipients through partnership between like-minded clinical centers, researchers, industry and funding agencies.

The major advantage of the consortium is that clinical studies can be performed with greater efficiency, quality and innovation. Benefits include:

  • Infrastructure for one-stop shopping, including contracting, protocol development, uniform data collection and other services. A major goal is to decrease the time from concept to initiation.
  • Collaborative, high-volume centers (total of more than 1,000 kidney transplants a year) — streamlined enrollment, decreased time to completion of the studies.
  • All programs perform similar detailed follow-up as part of standard care, including surveillance renal allograft biopsies, central pathology and central alloantibody testing.
  • Biobank of allograft tissue and serum.
  • Staff with time dedicated to consortium research activities.

The areas of greatest interest to the consortium are:

  • Renal transplantation and the development of intervention trials
  • Development of a multicenter data warehouse for all types of studies, both prospective and retrospective
  • Breadth of data currently only available in large registries and detailed data currently only found in single centers

Please contact us for more information about the research consortium.