The Transplant Immunology Program, within the Transplant Research Center at Mayo Clinic, is working toward a better understanding of the complex processes of chronic immune-mediated injury, and applying this understanding to pave the way to novel clinical approaches.

By developing new therapies and redesigning clinical trials, the program reduces antibody-related rejection and improves long-term outcomes for transplant patients.

The team is changing transplant patient care by:

  • Improving long-term kidney transplant survival
  • Overcoming antibody rejection
  • Improving patient compliance
  • Collaborating with a worldwide clinical research community
  • Restructuring clinical trials with connections in the scientific community, regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry

While progress has been made in understanding chronic injury and graft survival, identifying the molecular mechanisms for transplant failure has proven difficult. To improve outcomes for transplant patients, the Transplant Immunology Program is studying how the human immune system interacts with grafts. Projects within the program focus on antibody barriers and on long-term outcomes for transplant recipients.