The Translational Nanomedicine Program is uniquely positioned to integrate contributions from our research collaborators into the Mayo Clinic environment of development and clinical application. Our research partnerships create an efficient and effective path toward the discovery and development of better methods to detect, treat and monitor cancer.

External collaborators

Our current collaborating researchers include:

  • Khalid M. Alkharfy, Pharm.D., Ph.D.; King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
  • Rajkumar Banerjee, Ph.D., S. Chandrasekhar, Ph.D., Arabinda Chaudhuri, Ph.D., and Shantanu Chowdhury, Ph.D.; Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, India
  • Bengt Fadeel, M.D., Ph.D.; Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Anand Jagota, Ph.D.; Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
  • Michael S. Strano, Ph.D.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts