What is the Tapestry DNA Sequencing Research Study, also known as Tapestry?

The Tapestry research study is sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine in collaboration with a company called Helix. Tapestry researchers are trying to understand the impact on people's health care when genetic testing results are available in their medical records for their health care providers to see. Medical records are now called electronic health records. If you do not want the results of this genetic testing to be part of your electronic health record, you should not take part in this study.

Mayo Clinic is also gathering information about the genes of people in Tapestry to create a library of genetic information and samples to use for future research. The library is also called a registry.

Mayo Clinic researchers who aren't involved with Tapestry may ask to use information or samples from the library for future research. These researchers may receive identifiable information — such as your name, address, phone number or email — to help with their research. However, even if researchers are able to view this information, they would not have permission to contact you.

Helix researchers and people from other organizations might ask to use the library as well. They include people from for-profit companies or people doing research to make a profit.

Anyone who wants to use information from the Tapestry library must ask permission from Mayo Clinic first. Mayo may send the information or samples to researchers who request them. Mayo will not send your name, address, phone number, email or any other identifying information. Instead, your information or samples would have a code, and only the Tapestry study team at Mayo Clinic would be able to link the code to you.

Review frequently asked questions about data privacy for more information

Step 1: Watch this video about Tapestry

Tapestry DNA Sequencing Research Study

Learn important information about genetic testing and the Tapestry research study before enrolling.

Step 2: Need more information?

If you would like to learn more details about the Tapestry study and what to expect, visit the Participation page.

Step 3: I'm interested! How can I sign up?

If you are interested in joining the Tapestry study, please submit the form linked below. If you are eligible, the study team will send you a consent document with more details. If you choose to electronically sign the consent document and return it to the study team, you are giving your consent to be part of the Tapestry study.

Complete the eligibility form.

Life-changing research

Watch this video to learn about how the Tapestry study has benefited past participants.

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