Technology Development

Office of Translation to Practice technology development teams assist individual investigators in identifying and completing the sequential steps that are required to develop a product. These steps include:

  • Defining and refining pathways for product development
  • Identifying scientific and clinical partners as needed
  • Advancing the preclinical and clinical development

To maintain continuity of identified projects, each team is led by an assigned leader who identifies appropriate team members to populate technology development teams unique for each project. Team members may include:

  • Clinical content experts
  • Scientific domain experts
  • Stakeholders
  • Business and regulatory personnel

Technology development teams ensure continuous progress and identify and resolve problems when they arise. For projects that receive funding based on the achievement of milestones, technology development teams help determine whether milestones have been met.


The CCaTS Office of Translation to Practice builds bridges between strategic collaborators and Mayo Clinic that empower clinician-scientists to translate innovative products into clinical practice.

These strategic collaborations accelerate translation by:

  • Providing necessary services to advance Mayo Clinic products
  • Connecting researchers and collaborators to identify, create, nurture and support close relationships
  • Promoting team science with both intramural and extramural collaborations through preexisting global confidential disclosure agreements
  • Allowing free exchange of ideas with pre-negotiated intellectual property agreements

Translation boards

The CCaTS Office of Translation to Practice's translation boards assemble key opinion leaders from Mayo Clinic into asset-specific teams. Translation boards identify and vet products from strategic collaborations and advise and assist in advancing the products into clinical trials. Translation boards are sustained by Mayo Clinic's bottom-up, multidisciplinary team approach and culture.

Experts finding experts

Strategic collaborations in drug development have shown that too often, biomedical product corporations spend inordinate amounts of time and energy searching for the correct clinical and scientific content experts. Mayo Clinic translation boards leverage members' first-hand knowledge of their fields to help corporate entities quickly and easily find the specialized researchers and clinicians they need.

Collaborations supporting Mayo Clinic values

Translation board participation offers Mayo Clinic investigators and clinicians an educational experience in corporate product development and team science. It provides an opportunity to guide the proper inception and trajectory of products that ensure Mayo Clinic's primary value: the needs of the patient come first.

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