The CCaTS Office of Translation to Practice offers multiple benefits to the Mayo Clinic enterprise and to individual investigators and collaborators:

  • A culture of innovation. The Office of Translation to Practice strengthens the culture of innovation within Mayo Clinic research and practice by promoting team science, an institutional operating principle and a necessary component of competitive science in today's scientific landscape.
  • New research goals. The office transforms the way that research is conducted at Mayo Clinic. Investigators have begun to see product development in teams as a viable endpoint to their research.
  • Fruitful new collaborations. The office expands research opportunities with strategic collaborators and corporate entities. Collaborations benefit from the office's uniquely configured translation boards and access to key opinion leaders in product development areas with strong medical impact.

The contributions of the Office of Translation to Practice help position Mayo Clinic investigators and collaborators at the leading edge of product development to provide better solutions for patients.

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