Administrative Core

The Administrative Core facilitates activities of the Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer SPORE by providing organizational and communications support for SPORE leadership, research projects and scientific cores and for the Developmental Research Program and the Career Enhancement Program.

The Administrative Core:

  • Provides leadership and organizational support to SPORE investigators.
  • Oversees formal procedures for scientific review of SPORE research projects.
  • Oversees and facilitates the efforts of all cores.
  • Manages and coordinates SPORE fiscal activities.
  • Monitors accrual to all SPORE clinical trials, population research studies and biospecimen collections.
  • Provides guidance and administrative support to leaders in the Developmental Research Program and Career Enhancement Program.
  • Facilitates activities of the SPORE Executive Committee and implements its decisions.
  • Facilitates engagement of the SPORE advocates.
  • Facilitates reviews of the SPORE by the External Advisory Board and Internal Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Ensures ongoing integration of the Ovarian Cancer SPORE with the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center and its Women's Cancer Program.
  • Serves as the administrative liaison between the Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer SPORE and other Mayo Clinic SPOREs, the NCI SPORE Program and external collaborators.