Helping Patients With Cancer

Clinical trials are an important option for many people facing a difficult cancer diagnosis. Joining a trial may provide you with experimental, cutting-edge treatment options that you might otherwise not have had.

Here, five patients with unique stories share their experiences participating in a cancer clinical trial at Mayo Clinic — finding hope for a brighter future.

Managing multiple myeloma

Image of a patient with multiple myeloma.

Linda Kent has been living with multiple myeloma for seven years. Today, Linda is more hopeful than ever as she begins new treatment at Mayo Clinic as part of a clinical trial on a novel immunotherapy regimen for multiple myeloma.

A collaborative approach

Image of a woman with breast cancer and two grandchildren.

Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer called triple-negative breast cancer, Elena Blevins worked with providers at Phoenix Indian Medical Center and Mayo Clinic through a collaboration that provides patients with comprehensive cancer care, including access to clinical trials, such as the Breast Cancer Genome Guided Therapy Study (BEAUTY).

Against the odds

Image of a man with leukemia and his wife.

Laughing often, listening to his physicians at Mayo Clinic and receiving monthly chemotherapy through a clinical trial helped Clyde Erickson thrive while dealing with acute myelogenous leukemia.

On the road again

Image of a woman with ovarian cancer riding a bike.

Avid biker Kathi Schroeder was shocked to learn she had stage IV ovarian cancer. A first-of-its kind immunotherapy clinical trial at Mayo Clinic helped Kathi get back on her bike.

Looking ahead with optimism

Image of a woman with melanoma and her husband.

Faced with melanoma that had spread to several places in her body, Bridget Clausen enrolled in a clinical trial of a new drug at Mayo Clinic. It turned out to be the answer she needed and the drug is now approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Contact Mayo Clinic

For more information about participating in cancer clinical trials at Mayo Clinic, contact:

  • Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Clinical Trials Referral Office
  • 855-776-0015 (toll-free)