Steven Rose, M.D.

What is your favorite part of mentoring students?

My favorite part of mentoring students is the renewal I receive from their energy, idealism, and enthusiasm. Although some lament certain aspects of generational change, I have found the quality of our students, residents, and fellows to be outstanding.

The only way we can begin to pay back the enormous debt we owe to those who went before us in medicine is to reinvest similar efforts in those we are charged to teach and inspire. The pace of change, most of which is positive, seems to be exponentially increasing. We will ensure success if we couple innovation, technology, and scientific discovery with the timeless virtues of service and humility.

What do you think are Mayo Clinic's greatest strengths?

Mayo Clinic's greatest strength is putting the needs of the patient first. This seemingly simple goal can only be achieved through sophisticated systems of care that judiciously apply the resources of Mayo Clinic to address our patients' complex needs.

Mayo Clinic grew from a small community-based practice to an internationally-recognized center of medical excellence by adhering to a set of principles that continue to serve us well today. We should embrace and welcome change, but not compromise our principles.

How does diversity enrich Mayo Clinic?

Mayo Clinic works best when we work well together. Creative ideas, best practices, and future directions are best identified by diverse groups of people functioning as a team. Persons of both genders, of all races, and of widely differing backgrounds bring their diverse perspectives to solving the issues facing Mayo Clinic, medicine, and society.

An important part of the Mayo legacy is engaging with people around the country and the world to share, to teach, and to learn. We gain strength through our collective efforts to provide the best patient care, to advance science, and to train the next generation of health professionals. A vibrant workplace where the contributions of each person are recognized and appreciated is of benefit to each of us and to Mayo Clinic as a whole.

Dec. 07, 2011