Linda McConahey

Growing up in Rochester, Minn., Mayo Clinic has always had a presence in my life. My family has a strong connection to Mayo as employees or patients.

After college and living in the Twin Cities for a few years, I came back to Rochester and Mayo to continue my career. It is a great place to work. My husband works here, as well as our daughter and son.

I truly enjoy being the clerkship coordinator in Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education. I have the opportunity to work with medical students from all over the world. There is such wonderful diversity and this diversity brings a richness of cultures and new ideas to Mayo. They are young, enthusiastic and excited for the opportunity to be at Mayo. Their energy and focus are invigorating.

Each year, approximately 350 visiting medical students have the opportunity to experience Mayo Clinic in Rochester for month-long clerkships. This is a great way for the students to see if they are a good fit at Mayo and for Mayo to recruit the best and the brightest as residents.

Since I began my career at Mayo, I've seen some significant changes in the organization. The biggest change is probably the growth that has occurred. The one thing that has not changed — and I am sure never will — is that Mayo puts the needs of the patient first. The kind and caring staff work hard to meet those needs every day. Another thing that has not changed over the years is the commitment to research and education.

Dec. 07, 2011