Kiran Kurmi

Thesis lab

Taro Hitosugi, Ph.D.

Research projects

My research interest lies at the interplay between post-translational modification (PTM) and cancer metabolism. In the field of cancer metabolism, several studies have now shown that tumor cells displaying the Warburg metabolism have functional mitochondria and rely heavily on them for their bioenergetics need. However, the mechanism by which oncogenic signals regulate mitochondrial metabolism for tumorigenesis is poorly understood. Particularly, my project aims at studying the mechanistic aspect of how mitochondrial localized oncogenic tyrosine kinase regulates metabolic enzymes that can provide bioenergetics advantage for cancer growth. To study this, I employ functional proteomics, metabolomics as well as several biochemical assays. Overall, proper understanding of metabolic alterations mediated by oncogenic signaling with provide us with novel ways to target these pathways during resistance, increase the durability of the current therapies and tailor the right therapies based on predictive biomarkers.

July 26, 2017