Transform 2013 Web Stream

This year, for the first time ever, the option to experience Mayo Clinic's Transform live via a Web stream is available to the world — for free! We are looking forward to engaging with people passionate about transforming health care — before, during and after Transform — and hearing from you.

You have access to all main stage talks as well as Tuesday's Digging In session How Do We Empower People in Their Own Care? This will be the only Digging In session on the Web stream.

You also will be able to network and engage in various social media platforms and follow it all on Twitter, using #TXFM to participate in the conversations in real time.

You can engage in a variety of ways. The question simply is, "Which persona are you?"

Which persona are you?

The Watcher

Watch Transform's live Web stream in a video player.

Illustration of a man at a computer

He likes to subscribe to Web streams of conferences while at work or home. He knows that staying connected to current activities and thought leaders is important, and sometimes he shares his Web stream by booking a conference room, inviting his peers in, and watching speakers and topics live while at work.

The desk-sitter is very mobile, engaging on social media platforms constantly at his work computer and mobile devices. He is very proud of the many connections he's made virtually and how current he is on what is going on outside of his normal work.

The Joiner

Watch Transform in our online community.

Illustration of a woman at a computer

She loves joining social media platforms and communities and finding people just like her — interested in the same topics and causes — her tribes. She has many things she is passionate about and engages daily, at all hours of her day, on her social media channels.

She is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and various other communities that resonate with her and that she feels she can contribute to. She is also connected to email though her many mobile devices. Everyone at work chats with the Joiner — she always seems to know so much and has names and people to connect with because of the many relationships she has built virtually.

The Virtual Guy

Watch Transform in a virtual environment, thanks to our sponsor ON24.

Illustration of a man at a computer

He has two lives (really) and migrates between them. Yes, there is his day job, and his home life and family are very important to him. His experiences on the Web consist of everything most everyone else does too but also a few virtual environments.

Given a choice, he loves to exercise his freedom and travel or be where he needs to be, but with a choice, he would enjoy a full conference experience, virtually. He also loves to engage with people and networks — his tribes — but prefers it in virtual worlds and feels that experience is as equally "real" as our so-called "real life." Life is life, right? Perception is reality. This year, thanks to sponsorship from ON24, Transform 2013 will be in a virtual community for you to engage in.

  • Sep 5, 2013
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