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Day 1

  1. 01. The Innovator's Prescription: How Disruptive Innovation Can Transform Health Care

    Clayton Christensen, D.B.A.

    Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

  2. 02. Redefining Roles: Sharing Innovations Across Disciplines

    Amy Tenderich

    Journalist, Book Author and Health 2.0 Expert

  3. 03. Noncompliance

    Victor M. Montori, M.D.

    Lead Investigator, Knowledge and Encounter Research Unit, Mayo Clinic

  4. 04. Medicine as an Engine of Innovation for Clean Energy

    Lois Quam

    Founder of Tysvar, and Rhodes Scholar

  5. 05. Redefining Health Care Reform

    Elizabeth Teisberg, Ph.D., M.E.

    Associate Professor, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

  6. 06. Health 2.0: Harnessing the Internet for the Next Generation of Health Care

    Craig R. Barrett, Ph.D.

    Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board, Intel Corp.

  7. 07. A Paradigm Shift Toward Health Empowerment

    Frank Moss, Ph.D.

    Director, MIT Media Lab

  8. 08. Healing Is an Art, Not Just a Science

    Matthew Sanford

    Founder, Mind Body Solutions

  9. 09. How Technology Enables Relationships

    Ronald Dixon, M.D.

    Associate Medical Director, Massachusetts General Hospital

Day 2

  1. 10. The Evolution of Online Care

    Roy Schoenberg, M.D., M.P.H.

    President and CEO, American Well Systems

  2. 11. Innovative Health Connections

    Patrick Geraghty

    President and CEO, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

  3. 12. Entrepreneurs and the Evolution of Wealth: Power, Passion and Purpose

    James Hodge

    Associate Chair of Principal Gifts, Department of Development, Mayo Clinic

  4. 13. Accepting the Invitation to Innovation

    Larry Keeley

    President and Co-Founder, Doblin Inc.

  5. 14. The Implications of Using Narratives in Science

    Jen McCabe

    Founder and CEO, Contagion Health

  6. 16. A New Focus for Innovation

    Karl Ronn

    Vice President for Research & Development, Health Care, and General Manager for New Business Health Care, Procter & Gamble

  7. 17. Lessons From the Field: Creating and Sustaining Change

    Christi Dining Zuber, M.H.A.

    Director, Innovation Consultancy, Kaiser Permanente

  8. 18. Placing Conversations at the Center of Health Care Delivery

    Maggie Breslin

    Senior Designer and Researcher, SPARC Design Group, Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic