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  1. Guerra, Stephen

    Assistive Technology Specialist, Independent Living Aids, and Patient, Mayo Clinic

    Mayo Clinic patient Stephen Guerra, an assistive technology specialist with Independent Living Aids, continues to assist Mayo in shaping the patient experience through its Patient app.

  2. Jacobs, Paul E., Ph.D.

    Chairman of the Board and CEO, Qualcomm Incorporated

    Paul E. Jacobs, Ph.D., has been a leader in the field of mobile communications for more than 25 years and a key architect of Qualcomm's strategic vision. His responsibilities include leadership and oversight of all the company's initiatives and operations.

    Watch the Transform 2013 Collide discussion panel.

  3. Kane, Pete


    Pete Kane has created an organization that is reigniting Minnesota's passion for innovation in health care technology. Founded in January 2013, has brought together a robust community of entrepreneurs, medical professionals, developers and designers who are accelerating Minnesota's health tech startups.

  4. Shoval, Tomer

    Founder, Simplee

    Tomer Shoval is a veteran e-commerce business leader and respected expert on the intersection of health care, technology and consumers. He founded Simplee as a way to help others better understand and manage their health care bills.

  5. Wylie, Clare

    Education Director, Rock Health

    Clare Wylie creates educational opportunities for Rock Health and the greater digital health community. Her past work includes studying health systems while living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and working at The Center for Ethics and Advocacy in Healthcare.

  6. Andrew Zolli
    Zolli, Andrew

    Curator and Executive Director, PopTech

    Andrew Zolli is an acclaimed leader in the fields of global foresight, social innovation and resilience. Under his leadership, PopTech has incubated breakthrough collaborative innovations in mobile health care, education, sustainability and a number of related fields.

    Watch Andrew Zolli's Transform 2013 talk.