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  1. Erwin, Kim

    Assistant Professor, IIT Institute of Design

    Kim Erwin is an assistant professor at IIT Institute of Design, with research interests in making complex information easier to understand and use. She specializes in communication methods for the innovation planning process.

  2. Hockenberry, JohnModerator

    Journalist and Commentator

    John Hockenberry is the host of public radio's live morning news program "The Takeaway." An Emmy Award- and Peabody Award-winning journalist, he's traveled the globe reporting on a wide variety of stories in virtually every medium for more than three decades.

  3. Richman, Joe

    Founder, Radio Diaries

    Joe Richman is a Peabody Award-winning producer and the founder of Radio Diaries, which gives tape recorders to people to report on their own lives.

  4. Rosenthal, Elisabeth L., M.D.

    Senior Writer, The New York Times

    Elisabeth L. Rosenthal is a New York Times senior writer who trained as a medical doctor. She has been working on a yearlong series on health care costs and pricing.

  5. Schwartz, Janet

    Assistant Professor of Marketing, Tulane University

    Janet Schwartz is an assistant professor of marketing at Tulane University. Her current research is at the intersection of marketing and public policy, in which she uses insights from behavioral economics to investigate how consumers navigate the health care marketplace.

  6. Taylor, Lauren A.

    Author, "The American Health Care Paradox"

    Lauren A. Taylor is the co-author of "The American Health Care Paradox," released in November of 2013, and a presidential scholar at Harvard Divinity School, where she studies health policy and ethics.