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About Transform

Mayo Clinic — the world’s largest and first integrated nonprofit medical practice — and the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation are once again gathering inspiring people from all walks of life focused on transforming the way health care is experienced and delivered.

This multidisciplinary event is aimed at transforming the experience and delivery of health care today. Following the success of our 2009 event, we expect an international audience of approximately 500 guests. Attendees will be a dynamic mix of innovators ... consisting of leadership and decision-makers from health care organizations; information technology; Web 2.0; policy makers; students and faculty from many fields; executives from Fortune 50 companies; designers working in research and environments; and most of all, we hope — you!

People are still talking about the connections and inspiration from Transform 2009. Won’t you join us as the conversation continues?

"More than any other conference I've attended, this symposium provided a uniquely global perspective to the health care conversation and gave us the opportunity to reach across the table to learn from others connected with the health care dilemma. You should be commended for your diligence in gathering so many thought-leaders for such a worthy cause."

— Transform 2009 attendee

More than 400 people attended Transform 2009. Transform 2009 archive.

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