Project List

Influenza A and H1N1
This project will provide novel information describing how immune responses to inactivated influenza A and H1N1 vaccine are generated. This information is useful in designing new vaccines to control this deadly viral disease.

This project will develop comprehensive information on the contribution and influence of genetic variants on rubella vaccine-induced immune responses. These data will support a novel paradigm enabling the design of new rubella vaccines to protect public health and could also be used to inform vaccine development against other viral infections.

This project focuses on genes that influence and determine the human immune response to the measles vaccine. This knowledge will allow a better understanding of how measles immunity develops after vaccination and why a range of immune responses occur.

This project will focus on identifying individual risk factors, enlarging our understanding of immune mechanisms, and defining biomarkers of risk and immunity that can assist in optimizing the development of new vaccines, diagnostic tests and therapeutics to protect humans from smallpox.