Research Projects

  1. Subsynovial Connective Tissue and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: RO1 AR 49823 NIH/NIAMS
    This study will attempt to address carpal tunnel syndrome by investigating the motion behavior, mechanical properties and biological response of the synovium, and specifically the subsynovial connective tissue, the gliding interface which links the tendons and synovium in the carpal tunnel.
  2. Repair and Rehabilitation of Flexor Tendon Injury: RO1 AR 44391 NIH/NIAMS
    The purpose of this study is to compare the gliding resistance of the six methods used to repair human flexor digitorum profundus tendon with that of a normal tendon by direct measurement of gliding resistance to tendon excursion as a result of interaction at the tendon-pulley interface.
  3. Engineering Tendon Grafts for Better Outcomes: RO1 AR 57745 NIH/NIAMS
    Our overall goal is to develop a clinically applicable tendon graft alternative, an engineered allograft with a surface lubricated with cd-HA-lubricin that could become an off-the-shelf, functionally superior alternative to currently used allograft or altograft tendon reconstruction.