The laboratory and storage facility for Mayo Clinic Bioservices currently occupies approximately 35,000 square feet of dedicated space. This facility provides space for the Pathology Research Core, the Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing Core, conventional and robotically controlled freezers, administration, and our information technology group.

A single centralized facility provides numerous advantages, including greater efficiency, increased automation, greater uniformity, and increased standardization of procedures and processes, all leading to high-quality material for investigators.

The Pathology Research Core was created in 1992 to collaborate with investigators to provide computerized tracking and pathological descriptions of specimens; histology services, including specialized sectioning of paraffin and frozen tissue blocks; and customized immunohistochemistry. Over time, the Pathology Research Core expanded its immunohistochemistry repertoire and multiplex staining through the use of immunofluorescence techniques.


  • Alphelys MiniCore automated tissue microarray instrument
  • Aperio ScanScope AT system for digital image capture and analysis
  • Hamamatsu Nanozoomer automated high-speed digital imaging microscope
  • Shandon refrigerated tissue-freezing bath
  • Paraffin embedding station
  • Leica cryostats for cutting frozen sections (three)
  • Leica rotary microtomes for cutting paraffin sections (four)
  • MiniCore 2 tissue microarray
  • Olympus BX50 multiheaded microscope and three other microscopes
  • Dako automated immunohistochemical stainers (two)
  • Leica Bond automated immunohistochemical stainers (three)
  • Slide printer
  • Minus 20 C freezers (two) and minus 80 C freezer (one)