The laboratory and storage facility for Mayo Clinic Bioservices currently occupies approximately 35,000 square feet of dedicated space. This facility provides space for the Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing Core, the Pathology Research Core, conventional and robotically controlled freezers, administration, and our information technology group.

A single centralized facility provides numerous advantages, including greater efficiency, increased automation, greater uniformity, and increased standardization of procedures and processes, all leading to high-quality material for investigators. 

The Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing Core was created in 1987 and formalized in 2004 to meet the evolving biospecimen processing, storage and distribution needs of Mayo Clinic researchers. Over the years, the core expanded to include extensive existing freezer facilities at Mayo Clinic, providing long-term ambient, refrigerated and frozen storage, and other research support activities, including sample collection, clinical test ordering, kit building, and biospecimen routing and shipping.


Accessioning and processing area

  • PerkinElmer Janus liquid-handling stations integrated with plate stackers, automated cappers and 96-well-format scanners (two)
  • Hamilton easyBlood STARlet liquid-handling station
  • Benchtop centrifuges
  • Slide preparation device
  • Minus 20 C freezer and 4 C refrigerator

Nucleic acid extraction area

  • AutoGen Flex Star automated nucleic acid extractors (five)
  • Qiagen QIAcube automated nucleic acid extractors (three)
  • NanoDrop eight-span and NanoDrop single-channel spectrophotometers
  • Nexcelcom Auto 2000 cell counter
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • BioMicroLab XL20 tube sorter
  • SPEX Freezer/Mill
  • PerkinElmer Janus liquid-handling stations (two)
  • Varioskan plate reader
  • Thermocyclers
  • Gas-processing incubators
  • Biohazard laminar flow hoods
  • Benchtop centrifuges
  • CytoSpin slide centrifuges
  • High-speed centrifuge
  • Trinean spectrophotometer
  • Qubit spectrophotometer
  • Thermo Scientific VisionMate high-speed 2-D barcode reader
  • BioMicroLab VolumeCheck
  • Capit-All capper and decapper
  • Minus 70 C freezers, minus 20 C freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers with alarm systems and a controlled-rate freezer

Shipping and storage area

  • Brooks Life Science Systems BioStore freezer system
  • Hamilton BiOS
  • Beckman Coulter Biomek NX liquid-handling station
  • 4 C refrigerators, minus 20 C freezers and minus 80 C conventional freezers, liquid nitrogen freezers, and liquid nitrogen vapor phase freezers
  • Courier vehicle
  • Access to national network of courier service