Short-Term Fasting Prior to Systemic Chemotherapy: A Pilot Feasibility Study


Rochester, Minn.

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Open for Enrollment
Why is this study being done?

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES: I. To assess the safety and feasibility of short-term fasting prior to administration of chemotherapy. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. To evaluate weight changes in patients who are exposed to short-term fasting prior to chemotherapy. II. To get a preliminary estimate of the longest feasible fasting period prior to chemotherapy. III. To evaluate the toxicity profile of systemic chemotherapy treatment in patients who undergo short-term fasting prior to treatment. IV. To investigate changes in plasma glucose, insulin, IGF-1 and IGF-1BP in patients who undertake short-term fasting. OUTLINE: COHORT I: Patients fast 24 hours before day 1 of course 2 of chemotherapy. If fast is well tolerated, patients may escalate fasting by 12 hours for each subsequent course of chemotherapy for up to 3 courses in the absence of unacceptable toxicity. COHORT II: Patients fast at the longest fasting regimen found to be safe and tolerable in cohort I before day 1 of each course of course of chemotherapy for up to 4 courses in the absence of unacceptable toxicity.

Who is eligible to participate?

Inclusion - Histologically confirmed malignancy - Scheduled to undergo 4 or more cycles of chemotherapy (with or without past chemotherapy treatment) - NOTE: Acceptable chemotherapy regimens are those that have all drugs infused on the first day of the chemotherapy cycle over a period =< 8 hours; EXCEPTION: Continuous 5-FU-containing regimens (such as FOLFOX6 and FOLFIRI) are allowed as both the 5-FU bolus as well as the oxaliplatin and irinotecan administration is completed on day 1 of chemotherapy - Life expectancy of >= 168 days (6 months) - ECOG performance status 0 or 1 - BMI > 21 kg/m^2 - Weight loss < 5% of body weight in the last 168 days (6 months) - Adequate renal function (serum creatinine < 1.5 X UNL [upper normal limit] or creatinine clearance > 50 ml/min) - Negative pregnancy test done =< 7 days prior to registration, for women of childbearing potential only - Provide informed consent - Ability to complete patient booklet by themselves or with assistance - Ability and willingness to undergo >= 24-hour fast prior to chemotherapy - Willingness to be treated at Mayo Clinic Rochester and be available for follow-up - Patient willing to provide blood samples for correlative research purposes Exclusion - Any of the following: pregnant women; nursing women; men or women of childbearing potential who are unwilling to employ adequate contraception throughout the study period - Diabetes mellitus undergoing therapy with insulin or oral agents - History of low serum glucose (hypoglycemia) or insulinoma - History of syncope with calorie restriction in the past or other medical comorbidity, which would make fasting potentially dangerous - On daily medication that may not be safely taken without food; NOTE: Any non-essential medications and herbal/vitamin supplements should be held to minimize stomach upset during fasting; vitamin C use is discouraged - Active gastric or duodenal peptic ulcer disease - History of significant cardiac disease, particularly uncompensated congestive heart failure NYHA grade 2 or more or LVEF < 40% on any prior assessment; NOTE: Assessment of LVEF prior to therapy is not required in the absence of other clinical indicators of heart disease - Recent history (< 6 months) of cerebrovascular accident or transient ischemic attacks - History of gout or elevated uric acid level - Psychiatric conditions that preclude adherence to study protocol - Serious intercurrent infections or nonmalignant medical illnesses that are uncontrolled or whose control may potentially be jeopardized by the complications of fasting - Patients receiving parenteral nutrition - Receiving steroids (except dexamethasone given for nausea prevention before chemotherapy) - Patients receiving taxotere-containing chemotherapy regimens requiring pre-treatment steroid administration - Receiving concomitant treatment with IGF-receptor blockers or monoclonal antibodies targeting the IGF ligands - Any of the following (prior to registration): =< 7 days from the time of a minor surgery; =< 21 days from the time of major surgery; =< 21 days from the time of radiation therapy - Currently enrolled in a concomitant clinical trial

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