Collecting Tissue Samples From Patients With Leukemia or Other Blood Disorders Planning to Enroll in an ECOG Leukemia Treatment Clinical Trial


Rochester, Minn., Jacksonville, Fla., Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz.

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Open for Enrollment

Why is this study being done?


       -  To provide a mechanism for sample collection and submission for diagnostic review to determine eligibility of patients with suspected leukemia or related hematologic disorders for enrollment on ECOG leukemia clinical trials.

       -  To obtain baseline samples for correlative studies outlined in parent clinical trials.

     OUTLINE: This is a cohort, multicenter study.

     Patients submit bone marrow and/or blood samples. The samples are studied to determine patients' eligibility for ECOG leukemia treatment clinical trials. Samples may be stored for future correlative studies related to ECOG treatment clinical trials.

Who is eligible to participate?


         -  Candidate for enrollment on an ECOG treatment clinical trial for acute or chronic leukemia

              -  Suspected clinical diagnosis and protocol ID number of the treatment clinical trial under consideration must be submitted to ECOG's Leukemia Translational Studies Laboratory to ensure that the required antibody panels are used and functional assays are performed

         -  Chosen ECOG treatment clinical trial must be active and accruing

              -  Patient must not have begun treatment on the ECOG treatment clinical trial

         -  Patient may be concurrently enrolled on this laboratory study and a treatment clinical trial if immediate treatment is medically necessary

              -  If subsequent diagnostic review alters the original diagnosis, the patient will be removed from the treatment clinical trial


         -  Not specified


         -  See Disease Characteristics

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