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  1. Machida, Yuichi, Ph.D.
  2. Magaña, Setty M.Immunopathomechanisms of CNS Demyelinating Disorders and Their Therapeutic Relevance
  3. Maloney, Maya H., M.D.

    Ophthalmology Residency, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

  4. Maniaci, Michael J., M.D.
    • Senior Associate Program Director
      • Vice Chair, Multidisciplinary Simulation Center in Florida
      • Consultant, Hospital Internal Medicine
      • Medical school: Saint Louis University
      • Residency and chief residency: Mayo Clinic in Florida
      • Career interests: Hospital medicine, simulation in medicine
      • Dr. Maniaci's PubMed citations
  5. J. Keith Mansel, M.D.
  6. Mansuri, Ishrat I., MBBS

    Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

  7. Marcelin, Jasmine R., M.D.

    Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Year 1, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

  8. Picture of Kristina Marchese
    Marchese, Kristina M., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist
      • Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
  9. Marsh, W. Richard, M.D.

    Epilepsy and General Neurosurgeon

  10. Marshall, Linda K., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
  11. Martinez, Jennifer M.Adult Strabismus: A Population-Based Study
  12. Jennifer M. Martinez-Thompson, M.D.
    Martinez-Thompson, Jennifer M., M.D.

    Adult Neurology Residency, PGY-2, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

  13. Matey, Eric T., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
    • Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
  14. Matzek, Kari L., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
  15. Mayes, Michael A., Pharm.D., R.Ph.

    Solid Organ Transplantation Clinical Pharmacist

  16. Mc Murray, Cynthia T., Ph.D.
  17. McCoy, Kevin
  18. Dr. Grubin
  19. McCreery, Ryan, Ph.D.

    Boys Town National Research Hospital

  20. McCullough, Kristen B., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist — Hematology/Oncology
    • Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist
  21. McKenna, Timothy J., M.D.

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency, PGY-2, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

  22. McLean, Pamela J., Ph.D.
    • Molecular Neuroscience
    • Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
  23. Meints, Lynn T., R.Ph.
    • Pediatric Clinical Pharmacist
  24. Merten, Julianna A., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist — Hematology/Oncology
    • Assistant Program Director, PGY-2 Pharmacy Residency in Oncology at Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester
    • Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist
  25. Mikhael, Joseph R., M.D.
    • Associate Dean
    • Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, campus
  26. Mikhail, Dalia S.

    Obesity and Diabetes Prevention

  27. Miller, Laurence J., M.D.
  28. Miranda, Danielle N.

    Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance From Blood to Muscle and From Molecules to the Community

  29. Mohamed, Essa

    Disparities in Liver Disease Among Immigrants in Minnesota

  30. Morrical, Brandon D., M.D.

    Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Residency, PGY-3, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

  31. Moss, John E., M.D.
    • Associate Program Director
      • Consultant, Critical Care Medicine
      • Medical school: Michigan State University
      • Residency: Mayo Clinic in Florida
  32. Photo of Ann M. Moyer, M.D., Ph.D.
    Moyer, Ann M., M.D., Ph.D.
    • Home state: Wisconsin
    • Medical school: Mayo Medical School, 2010
  33. Murray, Nicole R., Ph.D.
  34. Myhre, Laura J., Pharm.D., R.Ph.
    • Pharmacotherapy Coordinator — Transplantation
    • Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist